How to Clean a Desk the Correct Way with Lemon Cleaning

Your Desk

When you consider the amount of time you spend at your desk, it becomes clear just how important it is to maintain a clean workspace. From countless coffee stains to the dreaded dust build-up between keyboard keys, there’s more to cleaning a desk and keyboard than meets the eye. For those based in Eastleigh, Southampton, and the broader Hampshire region, understanding the significance of comprehensive cleaning is paramount. Whether you’re a business owner searching for commercial contract cleaning in Hampshire or a homeowner in need of residential window cleaning, Lemon Cleaning is the name to trust. Here, we dive deep into the art of desk and keyboard cleaning, ensuring that the heart of your workspace stays pristine.

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Why Professional Cleaning is Crucial

Before we delve into the steps of effective cleaning, it’s crucial to understand why services like commercial clean and cleaning offices are vital. Everyday cleaning is good, but occasionally, you need the deep, thorough touch that only professional cleaning services commercial can offer. Lemon Cleaning, renowned in Hampshire, guarantees an office clean that will leave your workspace feeling brand new.

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Begin by removing all items from your desk. This not only includes your stationery and paperwork but also personal items like photos and mementos.


Using a microfibre cloth, gently dust the surface of the desk. This type of cloth is perfect because it attracts and holds onto the dust rather than pushing it around.

Wipe Down

Prepare a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Dampen a cloth with the solution and wipe down the entire desk surface. For businesses using cleaning services, this step is a regular feature in the commercial clean process.

Dry and Polish

With a dry cloth, buff the desk until it shines. If your desk is wooden, consider using a wood polish for an added sheen.

The Keyboard Conundrum

Keyboards can be a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned regularly. Here’s how to ensure yours stays in top condition:

  1. Turn Off and Disconnect: Safety first! Make sure your keyboard is turned off and disconnected from the computer.
  2. Shake Out Debris: Holding your keyboard upside down, gently shake it to dislodge any crumbs or debris.
  3. Clean Between Keys: Using a soft brush or compressed air, clean between the keys to remove dust and debris. This step is essential for offices and is often included in the cleaning offices package by Lemon Cleaning.
  4. Wipe Down: Dampen a microfibre cloth with a mixture of water and mild detergent. Gently wipe the keys and the keyboard’s surface. Ensure the cloth isn’t too wet to prevent any liquid from seeping into the keys.
  5. Dry: Using a dry cloth, gently wipe the keyboard down and let it air dry completely before reconnecting.
Commercial Cleaning

    Choosing the Best in Hampshire

    If your business is in search of top-notch cleaning services commercial or even residential window cleaning, look no further than Lemon Cleaning. From window cleaning residential to a full-blown commercial contract cleaning in Hampshire, our team ensures every corner of your space sparkles.

    In conclusion, while the steps above can help maintain a clean desk and keyboard, the magic touch of professional cleaners cannot be replicated. Especially in a commercial setting where first impressions matter, investing in an office clean by reputed cleaners like Lemon Cleaning is a decision you won’t regret. Keep your office environment healthy and impressive, with Lemon Cleaning leading the way in Hampshire.