Lemon-Cleaning achieves 3 ISO Qualifications

Lemon-Cleaning have recently achieved our ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. These qualifications show our dedication to providing sustainable and professional management systems, minimising our impacts to the environment and ensuring that we focus on health and safety and occupational health.


Our ISO9001 demonstrates how our business is run with the continual improvement of our management systems. It  is the international Standard for Quality Management. Part of this is our system of continual improvement that is driven by customers’ needs allowing us to be more efficient and provide a better service.


ISO 14001 sets the standard for Environmental Management Systems. It demonstrates how we reduce waste management costs, our commitment to protecting the environment and compliance with increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations. This qualification has allowed us to quantify the environmental impact that is involved with the running of Lemon-Cleaning and how we can monitor, control and reduce this.


This standard reduces workplace risks to improve employee safety. Gaining the ISO 45001 certification demonstrates that Lemon-Cleaning operates an approved Occupational Health and Safety Management System – reducing the likelihood of accidents and breaches of legislation, as well as improving the quality of our work for our customers and staff. It shows our commitment to employee training and improvement so that we can continue to offer the best service.

We are extremely proud to have achieved the certifications to demonstrate how we are committed to running Lemon-Cleaning in the most environmentally safe manner and continually providing the best service for our clients while the safety and wellbeing of our staff remains at the forefront of our business. Our ISO’s are monitored through various audits and check-ins to ensure that we continue to perform at this high standard.

Why it is important to regularly clean your workplace

There are many reasons to keep your workplace clean and tidy. At Lemon-Cleaning we pride ourselves on taking away the stress of keeping your building clean by providing a reliable and in depth service.

Offer your clients peace of mind

Some customers may still feel nervous after the events of the last two years and normality returning. Ensuring that your premises is kept clean and tidy provides a lasting impression as soon as your customer walks through the door. Customers are more likely to feel safe and happy if they can see that you are taking all the right steps to give them the best experience.

Working alongside Lemon-Cleaning can help you create a lasting impression. We provide regular scheduled cleaning as well as one off deep cleaning incase of an emergency.

Improve Staff Wellbeing

When staff are left to carry out cleaning of their workplace themselves it can lead to dust building up in areas that may not be a priority to clean and a lower level of sanitisation. It’s only natural for staff to prioritise dealing with clients as they are what keeps your business going! We know that cleaning is a important aspect to keep your business running smoothly. Staff members that work in a clean environment are more likely to be productive as they can spend more time carrying out their job tasks. Clean workplaces also improve productivity by reducing the amount of bacteria and viruses leading to less illness and time off for staff.

Reducing transmission of disease and viruses

By having your workplace regularly cleaned, the build up of bacteria and viruses is likely to be far less. Employing contract cleaners mean that your high level touchpoints are cleaned daily and all surfaces will be sanitised ready for your staff and customers the next day. Areas such as toilets and kitchens that are used by multiple staff members can increase the risk of illness spreading if not correctly and regularly cleaned. By establishing guidelines with staff such as washing hands before using the kitchen or communal equipment, you can reduce the risk of germs spreading between staff members.

If you want to help improve your staff’s wellbeing and provide a lasting impression to your customers, contact Lemon-Cleaning today on 02382 180282 to find out how we can create a bespoke cleaning service to ensure your workplace is spotless.