Top Mistakes to Avoid in Natural Commercial Cleaning


As the drive towards sustainability intensifies, businesses across the UK are embracing natural cleaning solutions to ensure cleaner, healthier work environments. At Lemon Cleaning, we specialise in various commercial cleaning services including office and washroom cleaning, employing environmentally responsible practices. However, integrating natural cleaning methods can be challenging without the right approach. This blog discusses key mistakes to avoid when implementing natural commercial cleaning strategies, ensuring that your eco-friendly initiative is as effective as it is conscientious.

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Assuming All Natural Products Are Equally Effective

One of the first and most common mistakes is assuming that all natural cleaning products are equally effective across different types of dirt and surfaces. Natural products can vary widely in terms of ingredients and efficacy. For example, vinegar is excellent for glass and stainless steel but may not be the best choice for stone surfaces like granite or marble as it can etch the surface. It’s crucial to research and select the right products for specific cleaning needs.

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Not Training Staff Properly

Switching to natural cleaning products requires retraining staff on new procedures and product uses. Natural products often work differently than their chemical counterparts and might require different application techniques or dwell times (the time a product must sit on a surface to be effective). Without proper training, cleaning staff may not use these products effectively, potentially leading to subpar cleaning results and wasted resources.

Overlooking the Importance of Proper Dilution

The effectiveness of a cleaning solution significantly depends on its concentration. Over-diluting natural cleaning products can render them ineffective, whereas under-diluting them can cause damage to surfaces or create an unnecessarily high product cost. Accurate dilution is key, and using dilution systems or pre-measured packs can help maintain consistency and efficiency in cleaning routines.

Ignoring the Need for Mechanical Action

Some natural cleaning agents may require more physical effort or mechanical action to achieve the same level of cleanliness as chemical products. For instance, microfibre cloths or brushes might be necessary to remove dirt that chemical cleaners could dissolve easily. Understanding the need for and effectively employing mechanical action can significantly enhance the performance of natural cleaning agents.

Neglecting to Verify Product Claims

In the rush to adopt eco-friendly practices, businesses might fall for “greenwashing”—the practice of making misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product. It’s important to verify the credentials of natural cleaning products, such as checking for third-party certifications like EcoLabel or Green Seal. This ensures that the products are genuinely eco-friendly and effective.

Overlooking Indoor Air Quality

While natural cleaning products generally contribute to better indoor air quality, improper use or poor ventilation can still lead to issues. For instance, even natural ingredients can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) if concentrated or used in poorly ventilated areas. Maintaining good ventilation during cleaning and choosing products with low VOCs can help prevent these issues.

Transitioning to a natural cleaning regimen might initially seem more expensive than traditional methods due to higher product costs or increased labour input. However, considering the long-term health benefits and potential for reduced chemical disposal costs can reveal cost savings. Detailed budgeting and cost-benefit analysis are essential to understand the real impact and justify the investment in natural cleaning solutions.

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    Embracing natural commercial cleaning practices is a commendable step towards sustainability and corporate responsibility. However, it requires careful planning, appropriate training, and thorough understanding of the products and techniques involved. At Lemon Cleaning, we are dedicated to helping businesses navigate these challenges effectively. By avoiding these common mistakes, your business can enhance its cleaning efficacy and contribute positively to a healthier planet and workplace.

    If your business is looking to transition to natural cleaning solutions, reach out to us at Lemon Cleaning. Our expert team can guide you through the process, ensuring that your cleaning practices are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective and efficient. Let’s work together to make your cleaning practices greener and your workplaces safer.